Donating your time and resources to support other students is beneficial, both for you and the school community.

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According to statistics, people who volunteer their time or resources regularly to benefit others enjoy better mental and physical health. Lifetime volunteering has been linked to better psychological wellbeing and longer life expectancy.

Volunteering to help other students with your time, resources and shared skills or experiences also give a general sense of happiness and purpose. Giving back to your school community and contributing to the society at large is fulfilling.

We give back to students in our previous college of study, giving us an opportunity to know existing students and keep in touch with the larger community. As a result, we meet new people, both online and offline, broadening our network of connections.

At Maroon Tigers, we understand the difficult circumstances that students often encounter.

At Maroon Tigers, we understand the difficult circumstances that students often encounter. Therefore, we’re empathetic and effective enough to offer a helping hand to fellow students studying at our previous college.

We assist students develop people skills and help them work on their communication skills. They’ll find these attributes useful later in life, especially when they enter the job market. They’re also able to discover new interests or passions through our site.

We also learn kindness, patience, resilience, and the essence of diversity.

The Maroon Tigers run various programs that help students secure scholarships and other resources they need for learning purposes such as books. We support students in their learning endeavors to attain unrelenting success.

Different Scholarships and Programs of the Charity

At the Maroon Tigers, college students have access to a large network of students and other well-wishers willing to help them achieve their educational goals.

Although we’re not an alumni association, students can engage with other like-minded users on our platform. The networks formed may become handy later on in life when looking for clients, jobs, partnerships and other valuable opportunities for starting a career.

We may also feature job listings for fresh graduates, information on targeted career paths, contact with classmates and schoolmates, and up-date information on school events and happenings. Students also may have access to college resources and even connect with professors after graduation.

Apart from socializing and connecting with the school community, we offer various perks and benefits that allow us to give back to our school. They include access to financial aid or scholarships.

We’re also looking forward to offering gym memberships via the school, discounts on continuing education and travel programs in the future. The programs will allow our members to meet, socialize and connect.

At the Maroon Tigers, we also share tips, tricks, experiences, and relevant information that students may find useful in their school life.

Scholarships give students access to financial aid. The various scholarships on offer target the diverse student needs. Whereas some target needy students, others are only available for students with higher GPA or sports records.

Our scholarships help students focus on their education and reduce their need for student loans. We also teach students to be philanthropic and give back to other students in the future when they become stable financially.

Scholarships include academic, average academic performance, athletic, creative and community service scholarships. Others target women and minority students.

The Maroon Tigers is all about helping students through their schooling life in and outside the classroom. We provide information students need to enjoy their stay at college.

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