How can a school help me find a job?

When you go to school, you can learn new skills that will be useful in the workplace. You can also take classes to help you network with potential employers or allow your resume to stand out among others.  Schools are now taking on a new role-helping students find jobs

The high school where I teach has started a program called Workplace Learning, which is designed around helping students find summer jobs. The program’s goal is to have 80% of our students working at least one job during their high school career. Our school provides many different resources for helping students with this vital step in their lives. 

What is Workplace Learning

 A school/college can help a student in various ways. Companies come to schools looking for students who have the skills they need. Alumni connect with schools and each other, sharing opportunities for students to get jobs and internships at their companies.

Companies often look for something different than just specific skills – they’re interested in potential employees’ creative thinking abilities or hands-on skills, such as how well you work on a team or your willingness to help others when needed. If you think about it, you’ve had plenty of experience with these qualities: group projects in class, working on your family’s farm, repairing an old car…

Just having a job is no longer enough these days. Graduates need to have a goal when going for a specific position, and they have to be committed to working towards it. The more you put into your job, the more you’ll get out of it – whether that means promotion, getting a raise, or just being satisfied with your work.

The job market has been challenging the last few years, but things are looking up now. Many of you have already started receiving offers! Studying is a great way to prepare for a career, and completing an internship is a big part of that process.

For example, a welder needs to have welding skills, better equipment, and more safety precautions. They can’t just work on an automotive assembly line anymore but are now called “fabricators.”

Graduates can expect better job opportunities if they get a degree in the field they’re interested in. For instance, suppose you have an interest in welding; consider getting an industrial certificate or diploma in welding to learn tricks of using industrial-quality MIG welders. If you feel the MIG  welders are challenging; consider going for easy-to-use TIG welders. If you get a degree, your opportunities can expand even further, like having welding degrees for specific careers.

Why is it essential that students have creative thinking abilities or hands-on skills?

The most in-demand skills in the workplace these days are possessing creative thinking abilities or hands-on skills. This is because companies today want someone who does more than just their job but goes above and beyond for everyone on the team.

It’s essential to show off these talents when applying for a position so that you can truly stand out from other applicants if you have already completed internships during your time at school, awesome! That means you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to experience, so don’t worry about putting much effort into looking for internships while still in school if they’re available.

Companies appreciate those with some work experience under their belt as well as those who think outside the box and express themselves creatively.

When should students start thinking about their careers?

You can think and research about your future job as soon as you enter college, but the best time to explore your options is during your first few months on campus. You might not know precisely what you want to do just yet, but that’s okay! One of the main goals of college is to learn what you’re interested in so that you’ll have a better idea of where your interests lie.

Suppose you take classes related to subjects you enjoy. In that case, talk to teachers and advisors about majors or minors, explore the school’s website for clubs, volunteer opportunities, workshops. Things like this are great ways to get yourself thinking about what will be most beneficial for your future.

Students must have career goals because they need to be committed to working towards them. This means you’ll need to put in more effort than just attending the classes and completing the projects.


It is vital to have a goal in mind, and you need to put effort into working towards it if you want the most out of your job. With so many opportunities available for students interested in welding or those who are creative thinkers, there’s never been a better time than now!

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