Courses You Can Study at a Technical University

Technical universities are some of the best learning institutions known for their excellent learning experiences. The difference between a technical university and a normal university is that in technical universities, most courses offered are of diploma and certificate level.

Most of the courses offered are hands-on, and the graduates are usually equipped with good practical skills. Most students in technical universities are talented, and they make good employees.

There are so many courses that are offered in technical universities, and these vary with a specific university. The following are courses you can study at a technical university:

  • Certificate and diploma in plumbing
  • Certificate and diploma in welding
  • Diploma in software engineering
  • Diploma in marketing
  • Woodworking
  • Electrical Installations
  • Mechanical Engineering

7 Technical Courses You Can Study Post High School Education

1. Certificate and diploma in plumbing

Plumbing courses in technical universities can either be done at the certificate or the diploma level. Plumbing is a skill that when you have, it is not a must that you get employed.

You can be your boss, provided you are good at what you are doing. With the lots of construction projects currently underway, the market for plumbers has grown.

With good plumbing skills, the profession can pay well. At the university, you will be taught how to install sewerage and water lines. You will also be able to install and do repair to water and other liquid appliances.

2. Certificate and diploma in welding

There cannot be any construction project without a welder. Welders work with metal, and they are found in almost every place that has work that is steel-related.

Learners of welding can be employed, or they can employ themselves after gaining enough knowledge on how to do it on their own.

There are a lot of works for welders both in the construction and automotive industries. In school, you will be taught how you can manufacture and repair anything that deals with metal. You will also learn how to read designs from drawings and implement them.

Students also learn how to use combinations of various welding tools and machinery, such as multi-process welders. Students are also taught how to choose high-quality tools in the market, be it TIG or MIG welders.

3. Diploma in software engineering

Software engineering is highly paying, more so, currently, when most things have gone online. The course can either entail studies on computer science or coding skills.

Most established technical universities offer this course since it is marketable, and the students who graduate with it are likely to get well-paying jobs. The graduates are in high demand because the world today is software-driven.

4. Diploma in marketing

Marketing is a course that can be highly paying if done well. Most technical universities offer this course, and the students who pursue it are also many.

Nowadays, marketing is mostly done on digital platforms. Therefore, the students who take this course are encouraged to major in digital marketing.

At the university, the students are taught content marketing skills, online advertising, social media marketing, and other related subjects.

5. Woodworking

Carpentry skills are also taught in technical universities. These skills are important as they deal with timber, which is an essential material that is used for many purposes.

The technical universities teach students how to design, cut, and do installations of building materials that are made of wood.

Experienced lecturers and teachers are employed to share their skills with students. This course can either be done at a diploma level or a certificate level, like most of the other courses.

Students are also taught how to produce furniture and other things made of wood.

6. Electrical installations

An electrician’s work is one of the well-paying jobs available. It is a hand-on job, and the work includes repair and maintenance, manufacture, installation, and servicing of electrical appliances and machinery.

You can either enroll for a certificate or a diploma in electrical engineering at the technical university of your choice. Some of the important skills that are taught in school are reading and interpreting electrical design.

7. Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is mostly done as a degree in normal universities.  But at the technical universities, you will most likely find that they are offering the course at the certificate level and diploma level.

Mechanical engineering deals with machinery. The skills taught in this course are how to manufacture, repair, and maintain pieces of machinery.

Mechanical engineering skills also include designing and develop pieces of machinery. It’s high paying if you are experienced and known for your good work at it.


Technical universities offer many courses. Some of them are as mentioned. The skills taught are also many, ranging from both soft skills and hard skills.

These universities serve as good learning institutions for those who don’t wish to or haven’t acquired the right grades to study degrees, masters, and Ph.D. in their respective courses.

The technical universities act as a bridge to higher learning institutions.