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Founder, Mission, And Vision

About the Founder

Frank D. Good

Frank D. Good is the founder of the Maroon Tigers. Together with other young student leaders and college alumni, they came together to start this blog.

Our founder experienced many challenges as a student, hence saw the need to share his knowledge, skills and experience to help other students. He also helps needy students to access financial aid to fund their higher education.

Good is kind and philanthropic, hence the reason he was inspired to start this blog and help students. He collaborated with other student leaders and alumni to help students access what they need to succeed in their studies.

Having gone through college, we understand the challenges students face during their schooling life. We wouldn’t want students to go through the tough times we had to endure because nobody offered us a helping hand.

We also answer questions that students often ask. We provide them with the information they need when choosing accommodation at campus, co-curricular activities, and even making friends.

The goal of our founder is to ensure that every student makes the most of their student life. And, they need accessible and reliable information to make informed choices and take advantage of what college has to offer them.

This is where Maroon Tigers come in to offer a helping hand to students from all walks of life.

Mission and Vision


The mission of the Maroon Tigers is to offer students assistance in their studies. We offer a range of services, including scholarships and give back programs. We share tips and tricks with current students in college.


Our aim is to become a leading online resource for information students need to ease their learning and life outside classes.