5 Essential Outdoor Activities for International Students

All International students in colleges and universities long for a fulfilling academic and social life.

The challenge is the best way to navigate through the systems to get the best outdoor activity that suits your curiosity. Please don’t do it for its sake; have a reason for engaging in the said activity.

After dealing with culture shock –which ends within months- it’s time to engage in other co-curricular activities in line with your passion and interest.  

Life on campus is not all about books; your social interactions build valuable cross-border relationships to widen one’s knowledge in various aspects of living away from what you know.

 The welfare department has meaningful clubs and organizations targeting these students to enhance their comfort on campus.

However, individual students should take personal responsibility to go out of their way to do or know what works for them.

It’s of importance to engage in activities that don’t violate the institution’s rules and regulations.

Why engage in an outdoor activity as an international student?

  • Creates a balance between school life and social life
  • Develops one’s social skills
  • Appreciates culture and way of life of other communities
  • Provides a relaxing opportunity
  • Creates environmental awareness

Which outdoor activities can international students do?

1. Shooting sports

Gun handling is a skill that needs special attention. You have two options; either to try the long-range or the short-range shooting spree; either way, you still experience the fun in outdoor shooting sports.

 Due to the sensitive nature of this sport, most universities liaise with registered clubs to take in students who want to engage in this kind of game.

The clubs take care of the laws and precision in gun handling to ensure the students are safe.

Shooting sports have several benefits for students

  • Builds self-discipline among them
  • Increases the stamina and muscular strength
  • Enhances eye coordination
  • Improves psychomotor skills

2. Nature walk

Life within the campus walls is monotonous; the college or university’s location gives you the ambiance of nature.

Why not go out and take a walk in the nearby parks or even the streets. You appreciate what nature has to offer in terms of flora and fauna.

On the roads, the architectural designs and the street planning drive a point on your mind. You never know, the sights could be a starting point to make a change back at home in urban planning.

The benefits:

  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Enhances your balance
  • Strengthens your muscles and bones
  • Stimulate feel-good hormones

Look for community participation walks within the locality. If in line with your schedule, why not participate during your free time? Social networks make it a fulfilling experience.

3. Cycling

When looking for high impact sports, then cycling is the best option. With the right protective gear, you enjoy excellent physical performance, improved mental and physical health for a chance to work out.

 Invest in a bicycle when staying off-campus to enjoy the benefits any time you head to your classes. When two or three of you own bicycles, why not establish a bike club and have fun as you enjoy nature out there. Within months, you’ll have increased membership.

4. Community clean-ups

Are you passionate about humanitarian work? Are you looking forward to an opportunity to give back to society? Your location miles away from home is a chance to practice this in a more challenging way.

Register with clubs that support this move and actively participate to have a fulfilling international student life experience. In case the institution has no such activities, sell the idea to them.

The support you will receive from the administration and fellow students will be overwhelming. Before you notice, you are making headlines on traditional media and social media networks on how you beat all odds to become a humanitarian guru in transforming people’s lives.   

5. Swimming

After a hard school day, your body and mind need a rest. Sitting in the coach burying yourself on your smartphone, catching up on social media gossip isn’t an option. A workout fun exercise comes in handy to rejuvenate your body.

 Swimming is a perfect exercise to strengthen your muscles, relieve body inflammation, burn extra calories, among other benefits. Moving from one lecture hall to the other is a tiresome exercise.

Going underwater calms your body, allowing you to meditate as a form of lowering the stress levels.

Establish a team now that you are in a social environment to maximize the benefits. The team spirit exposes you to more swimming activities, either for fun or as a competitive sport.

Carry the institutions’ mantle as the best swimmer in international sports competitions. Most campuses have swimming pools; make good use of the resources for your benefit.

There is life away from books. As much as your primary role in the institution is to study, activities that improve your mental acuity in research studies come in handy to give you a memorable experience as an international student.