You ain’t got no Yeezy?

Despite complaints about both Yeezy Season one and Yeezy Season two, the rapper Kanye West has managed to sell out his clothing line even with the hefty price that comes along with it. Considering that his fall fashion line was trashed, it’s surprising that West’s color palette – tan, beige, and caramels– has been the influence on falls fashion color trends.

Whether you’re a fan of West or not, there’s a three out of five chance your fall color palette was slightly influenced by either YS1 or YS2. He may not be a favorite among other fashion designers, but the mans influence is highly regarded and placed on an ever higher pedestal. Disregarding the fact that the pieces are rather minimal in its approach and basic in design, there’s no other way to prove to everyone that you’re a swag beast than actually buying YS1.

“It’s Kanye West bro, besides the fact that he has influence in music it’s going to overflow into his fashion collection too,” junior Business Finance major Justin Carter said.

Despite the fact thermals are $400, lounge pants are $570, shorts are $415 and a parka is $3510 – people are still going to buy it. Unsure if its due to the aesthetic and design of the clothing, but Kanye West is a brand and who else wouldn’t want to be a part of the brand legacy.

“He [Kanye] plays on trends we’re seeing by incorporating a variety of tones,” fashion blogger Aleai May said in an interview for SSENSE. “His particular palette was a step above expected.”

Online, there’s a visual essay of the YS1 collection on the websites of the retail stores and it basically makes you feel as if by not purchasing a piece from the collection you’re wrong. Somehow, after the collection has gotten off the shelf you’ll feel wrong because you’re not apart of the minimal movement that was YS1. Basically reliving that moment when A.P.C partnered with Kanye and you missed that one too.

“In all honesty, no one is going to say Kanye is wrong, people literally don’t see a problem with him charging these obscene prices for his clothing,” junior Business Administration major Melet Cook said.

Although seeing someone in a piece from the YS1 may feel like someone is physically robbing you of $840, it’s okay and you must take your lost in stride.


Jayson Overby


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