The Rise of Ben Carson

Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has surged ahead of Donald Trump in national polls. Alternatively to Trump, Carson opts for a softer approach that might prove appealing to Republican voters. United, both Trump and Carson share a seemingly unorthodox resume of reality television show host and renowned retired neurosurgeon, respectively.

His comments on race relations, slavery and abortion have not slowed down his influence. He has compared a women’s right to abortion to slavery where the woman is the slave master controlling the will of the baby. He has also argued that America is post-racial society where discussions of race only create divisiveness.

His slogan. Heal, Inspire and Revive, appears on his website. Under the “Menu Tab”, there is section titled “Ben on the Issues” where he outlines his stances on divisive issues like abortion and healthcare. He notes that he operated on “infants pre-birth”(Ben Carson for President) and finds them to be “very much alive” (Ben Carson for President).


Carson finds that the continued use of Guantanamo Bay is a fundamental part of ensuring American safety. He believes the Affordable Care was a “looming disaster”(Ben Carson for President) and supports a healthcare system that promotes individual freedom and less government involvement.

Furthermore, he is a staunch protector of the Second Amendment right to “own firearms” (Ben Carson for President) so people can protect themselves from foreign and domestic threats to security.

According to a NBC News/WSJ, Carson is leading among his Republican counterparts with 29 percent and Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz at 23, 11, and 10 percent respectively.

Understandably, polls drop and rise and do not provide good indicators of presidential nominees let alone predict the next President of the United States at this stage.

Even so, the rises and fall provide a good measure for the understanding the effectiveness of rhetoric that may sway particular bases of the American people.


Kailah Covington

Features Staff Writer


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