Trump Blows His Last Chance

The wickedness of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was undeviatingly displayed throughout the 2016 presidential debate between him and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The mystery of his aggressive rhetoric, off-putting mannerisms and the consistency of his discredited statements have generated America’s addiction to his preposterousness.

See, you’re telling the enemy everything you want to do,” Trump said, referring to information on Clinton’s website. ”No wonder you’ve been fighting – no wonder you’ve been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.”

There is a little more than a month until the election. Political theorists have made it clear for weeks leading up to the debate that becoming more reserved is the only way Trump could have any possible chance of making a good impression on America.  

Essentially, he needs to act like a human being, and not a vain, egotistical billionaire.

So we find ourselves in a paradoxical, hypocritical position: rooting for the antics from him that we typically deplore; craving the vulgarity that we’ve frequently disparaged. Without them he could win this thing,” writer Frank Buri wrote in a column for the New York Times leading up to the debate.

The whole fiasco is satirical at this point. Trump cannot stop shooting himself in the foot and sabotaging his own campaign. The average viewers could predict that Trump would bite any bait laid out by Lester Holt or Clinton to spark his egotistical and bratty temper.

When moderator Lester Holt asked Trump about his decision-making ability compared to Clinton’s, he ironically went on a six-minute tangent about having a better temperament — after interrupting her throughout the entire debate.

As a result, Trump’s incoherent banter made Clinton looked prepared, calm and collected. She allowed Trump to drown in his own word vomit.

“The other day, I saw Donald saying that there were some Iranian sailors on a ship in the waters off of Iran, and they were taunting American sailors who were on a nearby ship,” Clinton said. “He said, you know, if they taunted our sailors, I’d blow them out of the water and start another war. That’s not good judgment.”

The outlandish behavior in the debate was comical for the first 10 minutes, but as time progressed, the reality that Trump is an actual major party representative, and that Clinton isn’t blowing him out by more than 20 points in projected polls is terrifying.

It is not a question of whether or not Clinton won because debates typically do not contribute to the grand scheme of the election. The reality is Trump violated, and embarrassed himself with hypocrisy, lunacy and immaturity all in one night. Regardless of who wins the nomination, it’s clear who is truly the most presidential candidate.


Chad Rhym

Managing Editor

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