The Goodness Gang: Arts Movement Within Class of 2013

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It started at “like-minded and creative people,” said Nia Keturah, 19-year-old sophomore at Spelman College, when recollecting the birth of The Goodness Gang.

The Goodness Gang is a three-part unit that emerged on the scene during their 2013 freshman year at Spelman and Morehouse College. Original State of Mind, SciFli and Those DeLaLuz are the creations that make the Gang.

OSM,, created by Jordan Jackson, 19, describes what he does as an “artistic outlet” or simply as a way that he can express himself. Everything he creates comes from objects that have influenced him, such as music or details he picks up on that he wants to “magnify” so that others can also see . OSM is a collection of screen printed clothes, paintings, posters and beats, to name a few that have matured from his appreciation of street art and the hip-hop culture: A Tribe Called Quest, Black Star, The Roots, J Dilla, etc.

“I visualize first and then just try to conceptualize,” said Jackson, when asked how he taught himself to construct his clothing and artwork. Jackson observes how things are done but he also envisions himself doing them. A lot of what Jackson does is “God given talent” and has been existent at a young age.

Jackson believes that art is important because there’s no boundaries. “People should be interested in things that don’t confine them, nobody can tell you that you’re wrong, ” he said.

What Jackson hopes to produce in the near future is cut and sew garments. And in the future have a store and an artistic media company, where OSM would still exist, but then different aspects, like music, art and fashion, fall under it. Ultimately Jackson wants to teach art to kids and expose them to new things because he feels art isn’t used to its full capacity.

They’re out of this world. Socially Conscience Individuals Fulfilling Life’s Imagination, or what you may know as SciFli,, started out as a pin company, created by Malcolm Wyche, 19, Taylor Hampton, 19, and Wynton Redmond 19.

Their heart pins, which were unveiled on Feb. 11, 2010 during the Graves Hall Valentine’s Day auction, sparked a lot of attention and demand. Later around April of 2010, SciFli came out with shirts. The trio wanted to have positive messages or “SciFli teachings” on the shirts that they felt separated them from the rest.

SciFli is “all about positive messages and expanding awareness of the world so that you can change the world,”  Wyche said.

To this day over 500 products and pins have been sold. The SciFli inventors are making it possible to see their goods throughout the AUC, at other schools like Penn State and also in stores, like the newly established Urban LifeStyle in D.C.

“It’s like our baby, to see it grow is something great,”  Hampton said. “And having people buy into something that we believe in is pretty powerful.”

Those DeLaLuz, meaning “those of light,” started as a prayer and has evolved into what the founder and creator Keturah calls it, “creative entities.”

Keturah and her six “DeLaLuz darlings” work together to produce apparel, videos and host events, as she has a great appreciation for being well-rounded. “We clothe the enlightened,” Keturah said.

This creation represents enlightenment and shedding lite: Lifted Ideas Through

Eternity, by way of goodness, peace, humor and intelligence.

Keturah always had an interest in being creative, as her thoughts transcribed from blogs to garments. She characterized DeLaLuz as the artistic side to Atlanta and her “vehicle to self expression.” Keturah developed a platform and made herself approachable for other brands, like Kreemo and Above the Standards, to support one another.

The Goodness Gang is a unit of innovators. They want to give you the opportunity to express yourself, whether it may be through past hip-hop cultures, through colorful additions to shirts and suit jackets, or through peace and light. Today they are expanding their knowledge and resources, and also are becoming more community service oriented.

Be on the lookout for The Goodness Gang and check them out at

Katryna Mahoney

Contributing Writer

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