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Golf is widely recognized as a difficult sport to master, starting with the very basics. Many never get past the beginner stages as they folly trying to develop an often broken form. That’s where the SportPod comes into the picture, a new age product that has the potential to revolutionize and help create new interest in the Sport.

The SportPod, created by the African American duo of Drew Dixon and Drae Hubbard is a product that that ultimately helps an individual with their golf swing by recording movements. The idea first came about due to a frustrating experience that company CEO Dixon detailed.

“I’m a terrible golfer and so is Drae,” Dixon said. “We’re always at the golf course trying to record our swing, but we couldn’t find anything that existed that would help us. I asked Drae if he had any ideas, he suggested that we make something, and it really started from that point on. We made a prototype which was terrible but it grew from there.”

Both Dixon and Hubbard have a background in golf as Dixon has been visiting courses since he was a toddler his father. Hubbard picked up the club roughly ten years ago, before putting them down, and then ultimately getting involved in the sport again a few years ago.

The original product, which launched last October, had an initial soft launch in November, followed by an official launch in January, which surpassed expectations as all the products are currently sold out.

“We wanted to be cautious with our soft launch because we didn’t know how the market would react but once we went to the full launch,” Dixon said.  “We started having golfers on board, PGA people interested, it really started to take off.”

The products, which have all been sold out for an extended period of time now, is a great sign for the company, as their marketing plan so far has been strictly Instagram endorsements.

“Instagram is our main focus, but we are constantly at the golf course trying to strike conversation with people,” Dixon said. “Once we start our next launch, we are going to start reaching out to golf magazines, as well as courses and trainers. We believe trainers can help push the products to their athletes.”

The company, which is eyeing a late April date for presales on their second surge of products, has left Hubbard and Dixon very grateful and even more dedicated to their craft.

“I think one of the biggest things we pride ourselves on is two black guys trying to break into a game that historically really isn’t for us,” Dixon said. “We are sticking strong to our roots and showing that this game is for anyone and anyone can start a business, you just have to put your mind to it.”

Hubbard and Dixon, focused on their next steps stressed a message that they live by and is central to The SportPod. Take Your Shot, which is visible on the companies Instagram (TheSportPod) as a hashtag, is all about positivity and believing in yourself.

“Hashtag you take the shot at whatever your dreams are,” Hubbard said. “Your goals or whatever you do want in life, just take the shot. That’s our motto.”


Malcolm Banks

Sports Editor


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