The Maroon Tiger Student Media Group to power Project Y-Axis.

The Maroon Tiger Student Media Group to power Project Y-Axis, a digital forum for young professionals to submit essays, articles and art to represent their response to social-political events.

The Maroon Tiger Student Media Group will acquire Twitter handle @Morehouse1867 to fit the needs of the existing 6,531, and new followers.

NEW! Twitter Founder and CEO of Square, Jack Dorsey, endorses Project Y-Axis on launch day!

ATLANTA (Apr. 6, 2015) – The Maroon Tiger Student Media Group (MTSMG), the Atlanta University Center’s leading news source in collaboration with Julian Street, CEO of J-Street Branding will launch Project Y-Axis on April 6, 2015.

Project Y-Axis (PYA) is a gateway for young professionals and graduate students to engage in critical conversations and share their perspective on race, politics, culture, and activism in an open forum. PYA is the social media arm for an interface that will be built into The interface will be a blog site that will allow young Black people to submit their work, and on-site publishing will be rolling. PYA’s primary goals are:

Community News Sharing: MTSMG will use the platform to encourage and engage subscribers to foster a community-oriented site for Millennials by Milliennials.

Intellectually Driven: MTSMG is recruiting young professionals and/or college professionals who have an interest in writing about the totality of their experiences.

Showcase thought leading Millennials: This project will serve as a venue for young Black voices to ascend the axis and shift the conversation based on their response to past and present that plague, or progress, the dreams of young, Black Millennials.

Project Y-Axis has set an agenda in an innovative way, untethered from the constraints of other student-fueled media spaces. “We’ll drive a lively, real-time conversation enriched by the country’s best Black writers and thinkers on the subjects that animate politics and power,” said Darren Martin, editor-in-chief of The Maroon Tiger. “We’ve always tackled national issues in a conscious way while staying committed to informing to inspire civic, social and personal responsibility and renewal in the Black community.”

“If we have learned one thing in the past three years about what students want to read about, it is this: it is having their stories told – in their voices, unapologetically,” said Jared Loggins, managing editor of The Maroon Tiger. “We believe what Project Y-Axis will bring to our audiences is even more essential in today’s every-changing news environment.”

MTSMG has acquired the Twitter handle @Morehouse1867 that has transitioned into @ProjectYAxis in order to target the millennial professional who are 1-7 years removed from undergrad under the handle @ProjectYAxis. This acquisition is an extension of that mission created for individuals who may not want to hear certain campus based news because they are now alums or professionals in their career. PYA aims to reach is the audience who leaves us in undergrad, but are in this ‘holding space’ of undergrad adolescence and full adulthood.

New! HBCU Digest hosts a podcast with MT Editor-in-Chief, Darren Martin, and Managing Editor, Jared Loggins, on inside details of Project Y-Axis:

Project Y-Axis is coordinated by two award-winning students on MTSMG: Danyelle R. Carter leads the team as project coordinator, and Kailyn Brooks serves as assistant project coordinator; both joined MTSMG in 2014, which won numerous accolades, including Best HBCU Newspaper, HBCU Media Advocacy; 1st Place, General Excellence, 1st Place, Best Campus Community Service–Features and 3rd Place, Layout and Design at the Georgia College Press Association’s Press Institute during their tenure. Carter and Brooks both serve as associate to MTSMG’s public relations and marketing team. Carter also serves as the President of Black Public Relations Student Society at Spelman College. Together they will steer a team to launch the inaugural marketing campaign to introduce Project Y-Axis to Morehouse College and national landscape.

Readers can sign up now to receive an email roundup of the best of the week political topic from the newspaper. In addition, subscribers will receive robust political and policy coverage — news, analysis, commentary, narrative, polling, data analytics, and more.

Project Y-Axis (PYA) is a digital-led brand that lives within The Maroon Tiger, the student newspaper at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. PYA is the first project launched and overseen by student representatives of a new class of journalist that works seamlessly and prolifically to engage intellectuals across the United States to deliver coverage in targeted content environments, providing greater depth, context and community for each topic area. PYA aims to lead political coverage across various platforms – Web, digital video, live events and more through immersive storytelling, sharp analysis, and breaking news.

The Maroon Tiger (MT) is the premier student organization and publication within the Atlanta University Center Consortium providing weekly coverage of Morehouse College. MT, affectionately known as the “The Organ of Student Expression since 1925 serves a broad community of students and scholars who maintain a commitment to ethical leadership and fostering a global focus. MT journalists and business teams break news and drive dialogue through the Maroon Tiger’s website, newspaper and Issuu’s app.




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