Morehouse Students Create Mobile Drinking App

Four Morehouse students are attempting to change the way people have fun. Craig Stewart, Shan Holder, Brandon Connor, and C. Tim Branch have collaborated to create a mobile application that will show you what drinking game is best for any situation that you are in.


“The Ultimate Drinking App,” presents a friendly spin on a common theme and plays on the “sins” of many college students. Skloo, Inc., a company that this band of brothers created during the summer of 2010, was conceived over an idea for a mega-website.


The company has finally been able to put a stamp on their social media endeavors by creating this mobile application. Presented on Skloo Mobile, a subsidiary of Skloo, Inc., The Ultimate Drinking App is the first of many mobile applications to be created and launched by these ambitious young men.


“Pretty much, it’s going to be an application that takes in all the factors of your environment, all the variables that would effect your night,” Stewart, Skloo’s business-mind said. “It’s going to give you the best drinking games for whatever your situation is.”


When asked about what inspired the creation of their app, Connor, the company’s programmer, replied, “We noted that out there, all of the drinking apps have only a list of cocktails, how to mix drinks, and that’s kind of boring. We realized through our AUC experience and our lives that you’re going to drink and do stuff, but no one knows what to do.”


“People know about a few drinking games,” Holder added. “They know about Beer Pong, they know about Flip Cup. What if you had a 100 drinking game database and you had a tool to tell you which one is the perfect one for your situation.”


With partnerships with College Party Guru,, both United Kingdom based companies, Skloo, Inc. seeks to take the digital world by storm and expand their brand globally. Included in their well-executed marketing plan are paid advertisements from various websites, social media interaction, word-of-mouth, and a partnership with Kreemo. Inc.


Skloo, Inc. does not shy away from their AUC “incubator” and prides itself on branching out to local AUC talent. They are recruiting programmers and graphic designers for those who are interested in digital media and creation. The creators are extremely excited about what they can add to the digital world.


“Social media is the new era. Social networking, I feel, is the subset to social media. It helps bring the world together,” Connor proudly stated. “Skloo, Inc. is all about bringing it all together.”


“We want to digitalize the human experience,” Holder added with a confident head nod. “Look out Mark Zuckerberg.”


Skloo Mobile’s next efforts include “Fail Man,” a mobile comic strip application about a super hero who seems to always fail in the end, “Grandma’s Basement,” an app inspired by Farmville, and


The Ultimate Drinking App launches this weekend. The first 1,500 downloads of the app are free and will cost $.99 afterward. This app is currently only available for Blackberry phones, but Skloo Mobile hopes to expand to iPhone and Android users in the future.


Follow them on Twitter at @UltimateDrinkin.

Craig Stewart at @cstewierock

Brandon Conner at @Prosperous_Me

Shan Holder at @ CEOcypha

C. Tim Branch at @UnkleTimTim





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