Morehouse, Spelman Respond to ‘Consent Form’ Incident.

November 11, 2015

Atlanta University Colleges (AUC) Community,

Early this afternoon one of our Morehouse College students penned a document entitled “Graves Sexual Consent Form”.  He then posted the document on a group meet chat, and it was later posted on a twitter and facebook feed.  The post referred to women in offensive, derogatory and disturbing ways.  It was distasteful and hurtful to women and men across the AUC.  The post was definitely not becoming of a man of Morehouse, and it assaulted the values of our AUC community.

On behalf of Morehouse College, we apologize for the hurt, anxiety and divisiveness that this posting caused members of our community, and especially women across the AUC.  Morehouse College prides itself on developing men who fight for social justice.  This posting runs counter to our legacy of advancing principles of equality and justice for everyone.  We are very disappointed.

Early this evening, the author retracted the original post and placed an apology within the original group meet chat.  While he has apologized, we will hold him accountable for his infraction against our student code of conduct.

The outraged expressed by approximately 300 students from across the AUC this evening underscored our need for even more dialogue within the AUC community.  We at Morehouse will sponsor sustained and collaborative conversations on this and other related matters.  We will continue to develop men in ways that makes it clear that violence against women of this type will not be tolerated, and we will continue to extend ourselves to our counterparts in the AUC to ensure that we collectively provide a community in which all of our students thrive.


Timothy E. Sams, PhD

Vice President for Student Development


Dear Spelman Students:

The College is aware of the issue surrounding an inappropriate posting on social media by a Morehouse College student that is disrespectful to women. We do not condone violence against women or any language that does not value the respect and sisterhood of our community. A safe and secure environment at Spelman and throughout the Atlanta University Center is our priority.  Spelman is in discussion with Morehouse to create a partnership (including students, faculty and staff) that supports the development of initiatives and deeper conversations about this topic where all members of the community will be at the table. We hear your concerns. We are taking action. The Spelman community will be updated.

If you or someone you know has a matter of concern about safety, please contact Spelman’s Public Safety Department at404-525-6401.


Darnita R. Killian, EdD
Vice President for Student Affairs
Spelman College



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