Meet The Team

2013-2014 Team!


Darren W. Martin, Jr. – Editor-in-Chief 

Darren W. Martin, Jr. is a junior, English major from Columbia, SC. Before his selection as Editor-in-Chief, Darren served as an Associate Opinions Editor and Staff Writer. Darren is certified in New Media Technology by the Poynter Institute and is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. He brings a breadth of communications experience to the team and hopes to fully immerse The Maroon Tiger into the new “news culture” among college publications.

Twitter: @_drmartin


Jared A. Loggins – Managing Editor

Jared Loggins is a junior, Political Science major from Memphis, TN. Before coming aboard as Managing Editor, Jared served as Associate World and Local Editor, Staff Writer, and contributing writer. In the past, Jared has also written contributing pieces for CNN. He is a Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Fellow and aspiring career journalist. He hopes to use his position to balance progressive journalism with being a contemporary college publication.

Twitter: @_jrdl_


Will Shelton- Chief Copy Editor

Will Shelton is a Junior, English major, Sports Journalism minor at Morehouse. His experience with journalism and the copy-edit process stems from his stint with his high school publication. Will plans to expand the copy-edit process in an effort to increase the level of quality of The Maroon Tiger publication.  Will wants to to ensure that each copy is as anticipated as the Man of the Year Issue. He also intends to have more student input in each issue, from student interviews to an all inclusive miscellaneous section.

Twitter: @shelton_will


Reginald Hutchins- Associate Copy Editor

Reginald Hutchins is a Junior from Atlanta, Ga. Before being appointed to the copy-edit team, Reginald served as a Features Editor, staff writer, and contributing writer. He comes to The Maroon Tiger with a breadth of experience having graduated from a communications magnet program in High School and also teaching 7th grade English with Breakthrough New York. Reginald is a Bonner Scholar and currently serves as Junior Class President. Reginald hopes to to increase the efficiency of the copy edit process by ensuring that each editor is fully equipped with the necessary tools to grow as writers.

Jamal Lewis- New Media Director

Jamal T. Lewis is a senior, Music major from Atlanta, GA. Before joining staff as New Media Director, Jamal served as Public Relations Director of Morehouse College Safe Space where he worked strategically to rebuild the organization’s brand. Under his tutelage, the organization saw an expansion in social media, web/graphic design, and the curation of online and print press material. Having attended many workshops and recently GLAAD’s New Media Training Institute, he is eager to apply what he has learned in addition to growing and maximizing his talents as a budding New Media/Communications Specialist. Jamal has also written contributing pieces for The Maroon Tiger, MUSED Magazine, and various blogs/sites including his own. He hopes to use his position to accelerate The Maroon Tiger’s media presence to new heights.

Twitter: @evolsicisum


Michael Martin- Associate New Media Director 

Michael Martin is a Junior Media Studies Major, Journalism Minor at Morehouse College. He currently serves as the Associate New Media Director for the college’s weekly publication, The Maroon Tiger. Michael aspires to work in the field of broadcast media for fashion and entertainment news. He is the owner and main writer for fashion news blog, Hi Tide, and is a contributing writer for a London-based menswear style tips blog, Menswear Style UK. Michael aims to use his position to obtain a wider audience through social media and build readership through enhanced interactivity with the reading public.



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