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Trendsetta is not your average entertainer, he is an emcee by the very OG Hip Hop aura. He has the ability to captivate a crowd with his high energy, lyrical wordplay and tenacious flow to prove his place in crazy Atlanta market. With over 12,000+ plays through his SoundCloud catalog and a cosign from Waka Flocka Flame himself, Trendsetta continues to exemplify he is a force not to reckoned with.

His latest track “Whip Game” isn’t of his Westside Atlanta orgins, but rather an influence of the Texas trap rap culture. Listening to the track is like experiencing a nostalgic moment of PIMP C, Bun B, and the Huston/Dallas music culture as it’s being bumped through the speakers. The beats are slowed down, rather than the ususal sped up tempo. A more developed sound and flow, he is arriving at a more mature point in his rap career.

Trendsetta wants to communicate with his artistry and business to promote that other young black men like himself do not have to succumb to stereotypes and traditional conditions of their destitute communities; that they can write their own stories as brilliantly as possible through positive representation and actions for the betterment of their community.


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MichaelAngelo Hayes 

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