KAWS: Down Time Opening Party

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I have been a fan of KAWS or Brian Donnelley’s work for a while and was incredibly excited to discover that he would have an art exhibit coming to the Atlanta High Museum of Art.

I missed the lecture he gave on February 16th but I did make it to the after party.  Upon arrival at the museum, I finally got to marvel in awe at the giant KAWS Companion statue which can be seen from Peachtree Street.

For those in attendance there was also a free preview of the exhibit.  The collection in its entirety wasn’t out yet but many recognizable pieces were available.  It was quite the experience to actually see the work of the internet sensation in person.   

He even made a brief appearance and got through maybe a quarter of the people in line before being escorted through a hidden wall Batman style.  After getting my fill of still art it was time to head downstairs to the party.

With DJ Hurricane, formerly DJ of the Beastie Boys, on the ones and twos the musical selection was definitely up to snuff.  The party certainly lived up to its name, Culture Shock, because a diverse group of people was in attendance.  From young hypebeast to old art enthusiast, many subcultures were well represented.

It had a comfortable eclectic feel but the environment was relaxed enough for anyone to feel comfortable.  Some got a bit too comfortable but there is certainly nothing like seeing an old white man dance to “No Hands” or a young Asian guy lose his mind to “Put Your Hands Up”.

For the $5 student price the event was well worth it and I hope others will be inspired to go out and see more of what this great city we go to school in has to offer.  Even if you missed the event don’t be discouraged because the exhibit will be here until May 20th, impress a date with your art knowledge.

Justin McClinton ’13

Online Copy Editor


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