It’s Lit: The Livest DJs Straight Outta Morehouse

With all of the studying and research students always look forward to the parties and events of the weekend. Thus DJs serve as the masters behind a lot of the fun memories in college. Current DJs like DJ Myles, DosDías, and Cody GotBeatz have set the tone for whether many AUC student events have been exciting or not. Students can catch their performances on campus, at house parties and city venues with popular artists. So for all the music and party lovers, here is a list of three of the top DJs in the AUC.

Myles Pearson, also known as DJ Myles, is a senior Business Administration major at Morehouse College, who’s played for 2 Chainz, Spelhouse, and Atlanta venues.

AF: What makes you standout as a college DJ?

DM: “I feel like I’m one of the hardest DJ’s in the AUC. I’m always practicing. My playlist from the 90s to the earliest 2000s sets me out, because a lot of DJs struggle with that.”

AF: How do you manage DJing and a full time academic schedule?

DM: “Having to manage my time. I would have to stay up late and do my homework. Also understanding school comes first and DJing second.”

AF: What advice would you give upcoming DJs?

DM: “I’ve learned not to do it for the money, but do it because you actually enjoy it. If you enjoy it, you can do it for free. You have to prove your worth.”


David Bishop, also known as DosDías, is a junior Business Administration major at Morehouse College who spins at AUC house parties, events and produces for artists.

AF: What inspired you to start DJing?

DD: “I didn’t get too serious until freshman year. My dad was a DJ in Brooklyn. He was well rounded in music, so I decided to take it further.”

AF: Who are your favorite artists to play?

“I’m a lover of all music in state and out of the country. Right now Travis Scott, Tory Lanez, and reggae artist Popcaan.”

AF: Have you worked with any artist?

DD: “I’ve worked with MemberzOnly, John Middlebrooks, Cody GotBeatz, and Jean Michaels. From a business standpoint, I’ve worked with Marcc Rose, who played Tupac in ‘Straight Outta Compton.”

Dakota Moore, also known as Cody GotBeatz, is a senior English at Morehouse, who produces and DJs for house parties and Morehouse College events.

AF: What has been your most memorable moment DJing in the AUC?

CG: “The first weekend of the school year. I hadn’t seen my class turn up like that before. It was memorable hearing all the praises; it made me want to go harder with it now that I have the stamp of the public.”

AF: How do you go about recognizing the vibe of the crowd in order to get the party turnt up?

CG: “It always helps me to have the host. At first it starts out with playing music and I see what connects with the crowd. Keep it similar as possible and then you switch up.”

 AF: Who are some of your favorite DJs in the industry?

CG: “DJ AM was unconventional, he did other things that other DJs didn’t do in a set as far as blending genres and changing tempos. Of course I always have to credit DJ Scoop, being around him I wouldn’t be in this industry.”


Alexandria Fuller

Staff Writer – Arts and Entertainment Staff Writer

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