Homecoming Survival Kit

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Whether it’s James Bond or Jason Bourne, no self-respecting agent starts a mission without proper preparation and the right tools. The same is true if you hope to make Mission Homecoming 2014 a success. For that you need the Homecoming Survival Kit.

The first step to having the most dope Homecoming yet actually doesn’t have anything to do with turning up. If you want to have a free mind while you take in hot looks at the fashion show or if you don’t want to have to worry about lab reports Saturday morning at the tailgate, then you have to remember why you came to school in the first place. No matter who headlines, the Hip-Hop Concert is always better if you don’t have to worry about work. James Bond never took a mission without doing his homework first and neither should you.

“All of your homework that is due the week after Homecoming, finish it before Sunday of Homecoming because if you don’t it will not get done,” Spelman senior Barbara Bennett said. “It doesn’t matter how studious you are (or) how much you say you’re going to do it, you won’t.”

It’s also important to have the right tools.  At first all Bond had was a pager, but you have a smartphone. It’s decades better, plus it can take pictures. You can use it to capture all the golden moments throughout the week, but make sure it’s fully charged before you hit West End Ave. for tailgating. You’ll see a lot of things at Homecoming but you won’t find an outlet. Even if you do, you shouldn’t be waiting around for your phone to charge while everyone else is having a good time at the Glee Club tent. Don’t get caught dead. Charge your phone before you hit the strip.

If you want to have a mission accomplished by the end of Homecoming week, you have to be able to keep your head. It’s easy to lose track of yourself. When the party is over, the party is over. Sometimes you have to know when to call it quits. Perhaps the most beautiful part of Homecoming Week is that it lasts for days. There will always be another party or event, and 10 after parties to follow.

“Know your limits, you don’t want to be the picture circulating on Instagram the day after Homecoming, and you will be all over Instagram,” Bennett said.

While it’s possible to have a great Homecoming without breaking the bank, having a fun budget is a good idea.

“Separate your party money from your life money because you will spend all your money for Homecoming and be broke for the next few weeks,” said Kenya McQueen, a  junior Psychology major at Spelman.

It’s a long way to Thanksgiving even after Homecoming, so do budget yourself for the week and you won’t be a broke boy until Christmas.


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Homecoming Survival Kit



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