High Paying Jobs Out of Undergrad

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Some would say that people go to college to get an education, but the well informed would prefer to say that people go to college to find a living. In a money-driven society, undergraduates are often motivated to make the biggest bucks after graduation to compensate for long hours spent inside books and long years to come of loan payments. Career Cast, an online career source, took a look at the 11 best paying jobs after undergrad, but this article will specifically focus on the top 5.

Ranking at No. 5 is the Network Systems Administrator position, where an employee can hope to make around $70, 000. Network Systems Administrators work with the maintaining a computers complex networks to control its day to day functionality.  Due to the good pay, this job is competitive, so all those interested in the position should have sound technical knowledge, as well as hands on experience related to the field.

Ranking at No. 4 is the Engineer position, where an employee can expect to make around $72, 000. This is a highly publicized position for technical savvy individuals. This position is directed to college graduates with a great interest in science and math. Although great technical skills are essential, communication skills are also looked at as a commodity within the field. There are several different branches of engineering such as civil, chemical, and nuclear that all have various salaries, but all pay considerably well.

Ranking at No. 3 is the Actuary position, where an employee can expect to be paid $79, 000. Working as an actuary involves evaluating risks, typically for insurance companies. Actuaries typically have a strong financial and statistical background, which is especially needed for the job. Although the job is not especially publicized, especially to our youth, the job can lead to a solid paying professional career.

Ranking at No. 2 is the Software Developer position, where a worker can expect to be paid $84, 000.  The job also noted as a Software Engineer, provides strong job security along with its solid pay. The job provides a lot of upward mobility, and also calls for the constant update of technical skills. Software Developers get multiple perks, one of them being the opportunity to gain a solid bonus at the end of the year.

Ranking at No. 1 is the Investment Banker position, where a worker can expect to receive $112, 000. Investment banking has been a lucrative profession for a long time. This fact is credited to a very profitable decade in the 1980s, where bankers ranked in large amounts of money all throughout. In recent years, the profession has been downplayed by financial uncertainty as well as a passing financial crisis.

Although investment banking does not provide a great amount of job security, the profession pays well and supplies workers with skills that are transferable to a multitude of fields. The job calls for motivated workers, who are willing to work long hours and put their social life to the side. Investment banking is not for the lovers of leisure time.

All of these professions have pros and cons and provide a solid roadmap to success. As college students, it is our choice to make the right decision for our careers. Some may put a price on happiness, as others believe that happiness has no price. Possibly the key to a great life is a mixture between the two.


Garrett Ransom
Business & Tech Editor

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