From Making the Band to Making a Name

Being one of the faces to the most recent “boy band” to hit the scene, Big Mike is now trying to reestablish a solo name for himself. With his time with Day26 coming to an end, he is now on the road to rebranding himself.

“The first time that we [Day26] actually took a break, I pretty much just got into dealing with my family, and just being around them more because I wasn’t around for the past five years,” Mike said. He delve back into church, and even started a group  with his family called 2G Ministries. Despite the group being on break, Mike did not let that stop him from his music.

“I was always singing and performing still, but I waited because I thought I knew we were going to get back together and do what we do,” Mike said. “I didn’t want the whole thing of being solo to cloud the return, the reunion. I waited like an idiot but it’s cool.”

With his solo career continuing to blossom, he keeps his focus on simply giving a great show. With an industry “over saturated” with talent, it can be easy for an artist to easily be tuned out. However, his time with Day26 has helped him to grind hard and never give up.

“We were thrown in the grinder a lot,” Mike said. “We would get ready for a three, four month tour and we had to get ready off of three days of rehearsals. Those rehearsals were like fifteen hours.”

In order to rebrand himself away from Day26, he is focused on making music for every age range. To reach the college crowd, he has been doing shows at many HBCUs along the east coast. He aims to continue putting out music for everyone to listen to.

“Within the next year, I’m going to back on that plateau and its going to be huge,” Mike said. “We got homecomings, we got the BET awards—they contracted me to be a Music Matters artist—but I also have a lot of performances in LA for that award weekend. We going to run these schools  though.”


Irayah Cooper

Staff Writer

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