First Kiss AUC


In a world where interaction is digital-first, The Maroon Tiger Student Media Group (MT) decided to follow the growing trend of college’s and universities who broke the awkwardness between strangers–with a kiss. This voluntary social experiment solicited interested individuals and surveyed them on their institution, gender, sexual orientation, and their comfortability with kissing same/opposite sex.

The results were surprising:

78.4 surveyed participants were straight
22.6% surveyed participants were LGBTQIA
53.2% were female
48.9% were male
43.5% were comfortable kissing the same and opposite sex

Why does this matter?

Social interactions are tricky in 2015. With the prevalence of social media, social personas have been created to dictate social status–a blessing and/or curse for introverted and extroverted individuals. Therefore, students were banned from using their cellphones and were forced to converse with the stranger they were kissing while in our “holding area.” What we found is that our subjects learned much more about each other in person in a five minute span than a conversation via social media or text messaging.

We think we may have created many new friendships; some, even relationships.

Watch First Kiss AUC below:

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