College/Universities trying to regulate students’ social media accounts-invasive or not?

The age of social media is here! Social media is a great way for students to connect with friends, express individuality, and articulate their opinions. We live in a world where you can instantly communicate with individuals across the planet from the comfort of your family room couch. If you’re interested in someone special, you can find out a persons’ relationship status just by checking their Facebook page. While many things have changed, some things never do. Colleges and universities still want to be nosy and controlling!

Is it a good idea to regulate how a college student operates on his, or her, personal social media account? Well, if a flaming meteor falls from the sky, lands into a swamp full of slender-snouted crocodiles, and no one is around to hear it, does the impact make any noise? The answer to the first question is no. The answer to the second is maybe. Curiosity already killed the cat; we can’t let it kill students’ individuality too. If colleges and universities control what students post on their social media accounts, they eliminate a very important aspect of personal identity—uniqueness. Hence, educational involvement in personal social media accounts could negatively affect students.

Regulating a student’s social media account could potentially lead to students becoming hostile towards administration, to becoming oppressed from a lack of expressing their individuality through their social media accounts. If a student portrays themselves contrary to how a college or university wants them to on social media, they can be unethically judged by the college or university that they attend, or even expelled. There are no perfect people in this world—excluding Beyoncé—only imperfect people trying to live the best lives they can. Students who attend colleges and universities are accountable for their own actions and should not be judged, policed, nor controlled in any way by the colleges or universities they attend for any mistakes they post on personal social media accounts, especially if they did not make a mistake, but were unfairly prejudged by what is seen on social media.

Students, no matter the age, have the right to express their selves without being infringed upon. Thus, no part of a students’ personal life, including social media, should be scrutinized, nor controlled if they have matriculated into an institution for higher learning. Colleges and universities are used for educational purposes, not as a form of mental imprisonment. Controlling someone’s social media account is similar to controlling a piece of an individual’s mind and is an example overstepping one’s boundaries. To the colleges and universities looking to regulate students’ social media accounts, in the words of Ludacris, “Get back, get back, you don’t know me like that!”

Any personal endeavors that students participate in should not be exploited by the institutions they are enrolled in. Colleges and universities that try to regulate students’ social media accounts are an invasion of privacy, mental space, and a stout of individuality.

Sterling Dye-Brown

Contributing Writer

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