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May 22, 2013


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Written by: The Maroon Tiger
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ATLANTA – The report of the EMT states that they discovered Kendrick Johnson “exposed from mid torso to head and arms”. This discovery of Kendrick Johnson is in direct contradiction to the report of the Sheriff’s Office that claims that Kendrick Johnson was found hanging upside down in a mat with his feet protruding out.

Contrary to the autopsy report from the GBI Crime Lab Kendrick Johnson suffered not only a “superficial abrasion to his right wrist and a finger on his left hand,” but also “a bruising noted to the right side [of the] jaw”, something that the autopsy missed.  This is clearly possible evidence of an assault.

Finally, the EMT Report’s rendered treatment states that he would not move the body because it was a “considered crime scene”. However, the Sheriff stated on May 4, 2013 “after roughly four months investigating, with the autopsy in hand to show that the death was accidental, authorities could reach no other determination of death than a freak accident that was born from a “perfect storm”.

The only perfect storm is the one that Sheriff Prine and the Lowndes County Sheriff Office intended to create to cover-up the murder of Kendrick Johnson. Therefore, Morehouse NAACP led by Stephen A. Green joins with the Attorney and the Family to call on the federal government to conduct a complete and thorough investigation immediately based on the clear corruption by the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office.

We are calling on the entire Morehouse Community, students, alumni, and friends to join us by calling the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department at 202.514.4224 urging them to intervene immediately. Also, we urge you to contact your local radio and tv outlets and encourage them to share this new information.

For more information please visit and follow us on twitter @morehousenaacp

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  • Guest

    Grasping at straws. There is no evidence of any foul play. A small bruise? And? Oh oh right, his shirt was missing. Yep that’s a crime.

    Come on folks. Follow the money. That’s all they want. What a joke. And the family continues to spread lies and rumors about Prine – he should sue THEM for defamation and libel.

    • me

      Let’s just stick with seeing what happened to this parents baby.

    • Guest

      The GBI did a thorough autopsy and investigation. I’m sorry you can’t listen to reason.

      • renee

        Well guess what??? Now the GBI’s in trouble…..Check CNN’s latest post…..

    • renee

      Why does it have to be about money and not finding out what happened to their kid? Not everyone thinks about money…… Only the mouth that it comes out of are the ones thats always thinking about money….. Most of these negative comments are to stupid to even address. Most of the ones making negative comments about this obvious murder are either delusional, disfunctional, or need some attention. Clearly you need to take your meds….

  • Ashellie

    So proud of my Morehouse Brothers, aka the Men of Morehouse being so instrumental in something that has taken my hometown by storm. Makes me proud of SpelHouse. Keep up the good work.

  • Tann

    grasping at straws? or just requesting the truth? A missing shirt doesn’t seem odd? unexplained bruises doesn’t seem odd? Chile cheese….yep just what I said

  • HoodsIntell

    This is what those GA country boys call “hogwash” information. “The EMT report stated it was crime scene.” They were right to treat it as a crime scene. However, EMTs are not investigators and do not determine whether it is a crime scene or not.

  • HoodsIntell

    As far as the bruise that was noted, that’s evident from the photos the family has been showing downtown. His face looks bruised. The lab report has already stated that was caused by hemorrhaging.

  • HoodsIntell

    They discovered his body “Exposed from the mid torso to the head and arms.” Who discovered the body before the EMT arrived? Do we know if they tilted the mat?

  • HoodsIntell

    A local News Station (WALB Albany) has confirmed what I stated about the mat being tilted before EMT’s arrived. Please don’t buy into this conspiracy.

    • Guest

      The reports clearly stated that the gym teacher who was on site tipped the mats trying to get to him, assuming he was trapped but still alive.

      The “conspiracy” is the amount of disinformation and plain lies being propagated by the family and their friends.

  • CenterStage

    “Kendrick Johnson’s Death: Freak Accident or Murder,” a must hear podcast.