AUC Couples: Past and Present

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Kobi Ansong and Darryl Hawkins

Features Editor and Associate Features Editor

Current Couple

Name: Denzel Caldwell, sophomore economics major, African-American studies minor at Morehouse College

Maya Moore, junior art history major, at Spelman College

Relationship: One year as of Feb. 4

How they met: Denzel and Maya met last year at a Christian Game Night Party at Spelman College. Maya needed a spades partner and Denzel came to her rescue. The following Sunday Denzel invited Maya to church. After service, they spent the day getting to know each other and they have been inseparable ever since.

Valentine’s Day Plans:  Denzel says he cannot reveal the epic plans he has in store for Maya.


Alumni Couple

Names: Damian Boyd earned a communications degree from Clark Atlanta University in 1999 and his wife, Zarat Boyd, earned an international relations degree from Spelman that same year.

Status: Married 11 years.

How they met: Damian and Zarat met one Sunday as they headed to a church service during their freshman year. They both served in the local campus ministry and became fast friends.

Best Valentine’s Day: Their best Valentine’s Day was the year they went to dinner and attended the renowned Alvin Alley recital.

Valentine’s Day Plans: They plan to enjoy another Alvin Alley recital. “When you are married for as long as we have been the simple things are just as special,” Damian said.

Damian and Zarat are pastors of the AUC’s newest ministry, Vertical Church.  It is located on the strip across from Woodruff Library.

Current Couple

Names: Warren Jared Jones ‘11 is a Morehouse Man who studied business marketing. Ricarah Ene’ Riddle is a senior psychology major at Spelman College.

Years of the relationship: Three and a half years.

How they met: Warren worked at Spelman’s bookstore and spotted Ricarah during his lunch break and told his co-worker, “That’s going to be my wife.”

Later that day, Ricarah decided to go to the bookstore and buy materials for class. Warren and Ricarah made eye contact, exchanged numbers, and the initial infatuation transformed into a mutual loving relationship for almost four years.

Best Valentine’s Day:  One year they decided not to go anywhere. Instead, they cooked crab legs, shrimp pasta, popcorn shrimp, and garlic bread. They spread the delicious meal on the floor and listened to R&B ‘90s jams as they enjoyed a living room picnic.

Plans for this year: When asked about this year’s plans, Warren answered, “If I told, it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it?”

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