A Night with Sir Charles and Ms.Tara

Start getting your business cards and resumes prepared for a dynamic event with a world renowned former athlete and a top executive of Turner Sports.

Basketball Hall of Famer and “An Inside the NBA” analyst Charles Barkley, along with Turner Sports Vice President of Talent Tara August, will visit the College to introduce Barkley to the Morehouse community. In 2015, Barkley donated $1 million to the Journalism and Sports Program over a 10-year period. The Barkley event is sponsored by the College’s Journalism and Sports Program. It will take place on Wed., Feb. 8 and will begin at 6 p.m. in the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center.

The relationship between the journalism program and Barkley began before he committed to the donation. This relationship began in 2011 when August invited Professor Ron Thomas and his sports reporting class to the studio when Barkley and his co-analysts were filming an episode of “Inside the NBA.” Thomas’ classes visited the studios two other times before Barkley gave his donation largely due to his close friendship to Spike Lee ’79, co-founder of the journalism program.

Thomas, the Journalism and Sports Reporting Program director, hopes that this event will create an opportunity for students to hear about jobs on the business side of sports journalism and to learn what it is like to serve as on-air talent.

“With Tara, she’s involved in the business side,” Thomas said. “She’s involved in the selections of former athletes they hire (as on-air analysts). She’s involved in their salary negotiations. She helps with their scheduling.”

Not everyone can become a professional athlete or land a career as on-camera talent. August will be able to give examples of behind-the-scenes jobs that are available in sports journalism. Thomas hopes that students will rise to be decision-makers like August did and make executive decisions in the industry.

If you are a student interested in beginning a career in sports journalism, shoot your shot at the event. Bring your resumes and business cards and plan to grow your network with top industry executives. Information on internship opportunities with Turner Sports and advice on how to grow your resume to become more marketable will also be given.


Ayron Lewallen
Campus News Editor

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