A Different Kind of Fashion Show

For the last month, the Forbes Arena atrium has become home to a few students, and a place of work — whether it be academic or business — for others. Just days before the Homecoming fashion show, students were still walking through the hallway preparing for the big day ahead of them.

 In Forbes atrium, under the high ceilings and in the middle of a never-ending hallway, Dominic Jackson and a team of eight worked late into the night to finalize the sequence of models and looks for the upcoming fashion show. A part of the week-long celebration of the Spelman and Morehouse College Homecoming, this year’s fashion show will be celebrated as its own event, branching out from its typical role as the opener for the Hip-Hop concert.

This year’s fashion show is different. It’s not in Forbes, it’s not in Archer; it’s outside on the football field in BT Harvey Stadium. For Jackson, having the show on the field brought about a sense of connectivity with the school, especially with this year’s theme being “Legacy.”

As he and his team prepared, other students who aren’t a part of the show still questioned why last year’s fashion show didn’t happen. Although they may never get an explanation, Jackson spoke about how he’s preparing for this year’s show, considering it’ll be his last time working with Morehouse as an undergrad.

“Mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally,” he said. “I’m just trying to put myself in the right headspace to make sure we give them the show that they should have had last year, if not better.”

His team, to no surprise, is comprised of the same cohort of people, with a few added, who worked with him two years ago coordinating behind the scenes on the last fashion show he worked on: Annisah Medinah, Matty Gee, Leann Dunn, Darell Larome, Alex Woods, Dimone Long, Reggie Green, Monte Prillaman.

Working under then directors Brandon Fountaine, Artimeaus Moore, and Cheryl Smith, Jackson’s role in the planning of the show was solely backstage, managing models and making sure looks were ready as the show moved along.

In many ways, Jackson set the blueprint for how the show would run and simply polished a few things and came back two years later ready to lead a team of his own. With a team of individuals who were all building their respective careers in fashion, management, and editorial; it felt right.

Responsible for bringing in a great deal of the looks two years ago, there’s no telling what Jackson and his team have planned for show this year.


Jayson Overby, Jr



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